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Alexandra Ribet - Art and Design Passionate



I would describe myself as being creative, ambitious, open minded, honest, courageous, adventurous, an art and design passionate, a warm hearted, and generous human being.

I am open to breathe in inspiration from anything ranging from the marvels of nature to the masterpieces of remarkable people, whatever their field might be. In my opinion, there is always a lot of wisdom to get from high achievers and passionate people, and I am always keen to listen to their advices.

«For expression not suppression, giving as well as taking, play and work hard, listening and being heard, loving and laughing.»

Finding pleasure in hard work, I greatly value constructive criticism, and I appreciate intelligence. Every day I grow thanks to life's lessons and I am grateful to be alive!

To conclude, I am always open to work and/or collaborate on interesting projects as long as I am having new opportunities to learn and bring value to people’s lives, learn new things with regards to my craft, and push my limits.


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