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Saleema Pierre - Art is a way to explore unknown dimensions hidden in human


“Saleema Pierre’s spark at the discovery of art occurred at a very young age and she knew that this was what she felt passionate about.”

Following her graduation in Graphic Design from the University in South Africa, she returned to her homeland in 1999 and worked her way through the design industry. It was at this particular moment that she met her soul mate and his two sons. This encounter had her starting creative craft ideas for kids as a way of showing both her love for them and her love of art. And this is how it all started…

In 2002, she gave it a shot and initiated a creative art workshop for kids, Folie d’Art, next to her full time job as an art teacher in the education system, a juggling of two activities which lasted until 2009. The move to Albion in 2010 was a turn: Folie d’Art became ArtDoize so that the vision she had of what art should be, should also involve adults letting loose of their emotions and creativity through art. This small developing enterprise offered its concept to NGOs such as the Shelter for women & children in distress, SOS Children’s Village, l’étoile du berger and National women center.

The workshops are not restricted to drawing and painting but encompasses the whole gamut of the creative arts such as recycled art, the art of Bonsaï, lamp making, crafts and much more” Saleema is always at the forefront of new ideas and new techniques whether it be for her own personal growth or to share with others. “It is healthy to enjoy the process of art making and believe in lifelong growing and learning.”

She finds inspirations with International artists like Andy Goldsworthy who’s into land art, Salvador Dali for his dream like paintings, Jackson Pollock in the abstract expressionist movement, Gustave Clint for his appreciation of the female body and his choice of colors and Alexander Calder for inventing the mobile!

Locally, she follows the work of PEM the wood carver for bringing to life trunks and roots, Ravi Jetsan for making jewelry a piece of art, Sultana Hawkins for her themes and mixed media techniques, Nirveda Alleck, for the details in her painting techniques, Rishi Seeruttun, for creating art by deconstructing and not to mention Vaco for his fascinating perspective of our island no matter what.

«Arts allows you to create freedom, an a part of you that will live on forever»


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