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About Liquid

Cracking the codes


Fashion and style at their best! With its new concept, “Cracking the codes”, Liquid aims to be among the most popular and sought for trendy clothing brands in Mauritius. Over more than a decade of touching the lives of Mauritians as well as foreigners, Liquid represents more than textile and garments. Indeed, people of all ages and classes, including teenagers and businessmen, can identify themselves with different designs and color combinations matching with new trends, events, seasons and moods.


Liquid isn’t just a matter of clothing. Giovanni Paul, co-founder and Managing Director of Liquid, along with his brother Jean-Laval Paul, came up with the vision of setting new goals and standards in the local clothing industry. Back in November 1999, Fix It Co Ltd, managing company for Liquid, was only offering advertising services to Mauritian and International companies. Came up the idea of launching a fresh and new clothing brand reflecting the tastes and aspirations of local people.

Then began an exciting adventure, treading on the path of fashion and design. A team was build with new challenges and objectives. The younger brother Stephane Paul joined the company in the same year after completing his Fashion & Design studies at the Melbourne School of Fashion in Australia. Since 2000, Liquid has evolved from being a local clothing brand to being world class apparel. Registered as a trademark in 2000, Liquid never stopped from evolving towards innovation and perfection. As says Giovanni Paul, « We are not perfect, but we strive towards perfection ». 

Our products

With a wide variety of products such as T-Shirts, polo shirts, jeans, twill trousers, shorts and board shorts, pullovers and sweat shirts, as well as accessories like belts, bags, caps, purses and even fashion sunglasses, Liquid is a one-stop shop for stylish shopping both for men and women. Ladies will also be ravished with casual dresses, denim, blouses, tops, leggings, skirts, combi-shorts, etc. You can find corporate clothing as well as casual clothing according to your taste. 

Moreover, Liquid also manufactures high standard uniforms for some companies on demand and a new collection for kids aged between 6 and 12 years old will soon be launched.