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Cracking the Codes

Before we get anything to the market, our design and production processes go through structured thinking. Collaborating as a seamless team, we decode ambient styles, shapes, colours; encode customer expectations; exchange and canalise ideas to their visual translations and into products with a fashion flair, at fair prices.


Keep the vibe going
We unlock our people’s potential and value their merits. We believe that encounters work wonders; that in sharing with and giving to others, we receive opportunities for renewal, fresh inspiration and motivation. We believe in the energy of interconnectedness. To keep an inquisitive, open mind fuels our creative spirit. That’s how the LIQUID vibe keeps going; how the brand stands the test of time.

Currently we are 51 people serving the brand at internal level.

Management & Admin Team : 6
Design Team: 6
Outlets Team : 39

For material sourcing and production, we work with local and international suppliers and manufacturers with real know-how at serving the global market and ensure a stringent follow-up.


Make anyone who puts on our designer wear & accessories look good – feel good!


Create up-to-trend clothing with a difference that creates an impact so that our customers find therein something that expresses their own uniqueness.

Brand Promise

Deliver authentic creations in pre-treated quality material & topmost execution, with close attention to cut & finish for a real sense of ease.


Going beyond the obvious

LIQUID keeps on-trend but always brings into its design that X-factor going beyond the obvious for an impactful outcome. In each of our collections, every line, all models and accessories that we get out there, if you look closely, you’re sure to connect to that distinctive detail that calls out to you personally: it can be our emblematic alien, a catchy play on words, minute distinctive details or significant numbers…


Across evolving generations, our focus, passion and excellence remain the signature of LIQUID, as encapsulated in our brand statements.

Fluid evolution

An interwoven passion for music and fashion; the desire to wear clothes mixing comfort, international style and my own identity for my D-J gigs are what triggered the launch concept of our designer wear, back in 1998 – LIQUID Techno-Lab Wear. These fundamentals remain an integral part of our brand matrix.

Attentive to the signs of times, we have that knack to connect to the wavelength of the global vibe, to stay attuned to the day’s youth and adapt fluidly to an ever-evolving world. That’s surely why our brand keeps living in the present moment.

Giovanni Paul
Founder & Managing Director


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